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55 Reasons Why People go to Church

Over the last few years I’ve been asking people why they go to church.  Every one of their fifty-five responses have been listed below. It’s been very enlightening.  I found that people go to church for many different reasons and here they are:

To go to heaven
Brought up that way
Nice potluck lunches
It’s close by
Business contacts
Exciting services
To take advantage of people
Guarantees eternal life
It’s a good habit
Like the preacher
The church needs me
Support groups
Stay out of hell
A friend goes
I feel guilty if I don’t go

It’s good for the kids
It lets people know I’m a Christian
I am loved there
Make our marriage better
Just because!
To be prayed for
Craft classesNice building
Better life
Youth group
No reason
Be involved
Find partner
Has Christian school
Show off Bible knowledge
Help others
Take friends
Have power
Exercise classes

Children’s Day Care program
Ladies Group
Helps me know what I stand for
I should go
It helps me understand the Bible
Receive love from others
Helps me be a better person
It’s interesting
Kids will learn the Bible
Because I want to go
I can get support
It’s the right thing to do
Strengthens my faith
I find acceptance

To me, it seemed very unusual that on the list of reasons why people go to church, I didn’t find this one:   “I go to church so I can improve my relationship with Jesus and our heavenly Father.”

​Personally, and Biblically, I believe this reason is more important than any one of the other fifty-five reasons listed above.

As I read my Bible, I find that Jesus pretty much found the same with the church-goers of His day.  A relationship with Jesus wasn’t their top priority.  They wanted what Jesus could do for them, but they didn’t spend much time each day really wanting to get to know Jesus and His Father better.

I would like to meet people who have a very genuine desire to rise above the ‘fifty-five reasons’ norm and make a genuine commitment to grow in a stronger and deeper living relationship with Jesus and our Father.

If this is you, you may like to tell our wonderful heavenly Father about your desire, and then, with God’s help, enjoy and take on the challenge in the Life Lesson called > THE HOUR <.

At some time in the future, you may like to let us know how your growing relationship journey is going.

Thank You,

Ray Archer

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