Life Lessons

These Short Messages Are Given to Challenge Us

These short messages are given to challenge us to move forward from mediocrity in our Christian journey. They’ll lift you into a wonderful growing relationship with Jesus and our amazing heavenly Father.

Sometimes people ask where I get my sermon ideas from. Some are ‘original’, if there’s any such thing as original.

There’s an old saying, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” If that’s the case, then what sermon ideas are actually original? I’ve listened to many wonderful preachers over the years and if I use their material or stories I often give them credit by mentioning their names and I’m so thankful to those people.

Many of the sermons here come from my own good, and not so good, life experiences. Before deciding on a message title and content, I always spend time on my knees to ask our wonderful heavenly Father for wisdom and teaching that comes via His Holy Spirit.

Finally, I want to say, that if any of this material is a blessing to you the listener, then it is no credit to me, but all credit goes to God. If God touches your conscience through these messages, then please ask God to put those thoughts into action.

Please don’t disappoint Jesus and our wonderful heavenly Father. They are not looking for a bunch of ‘fans’. They are looking for ‘followers’ who will not neglect or compromise the truth but be as true to God as the compass needle is to the pole. Feel free to listen to the following messages in any order you choose.

Ray Archer

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