Bribie Island Butterfly House

Dear Friends,

My wife Delphine and I headed up the planning for the construction of the Bribie Island Butterfly House in Queensland, Australia.

Together with a wonderful team of fifty volunteers, we all manage the operation of the Butterfly House.It is a blessing to many thousands of visitors each year and all of the profits are donated to various charities in Australia and overseas.

Visitors who come to Bribie Island love the Butterfly House where they can walk amongst a thousand live butterflies in a beautiful flower garden.

We met a wonderful man by the name of Gary Kent who operates a Christian Television Programme called ‘The Incredible Journey’.

Gary visited the Butterfly House and produced a short 8 minute video presentation called ‘Butterflies – Defying the Theory of Evolution’.

Gary and his team were delighted with the positive response and received many encouraging comments.

You can watch the eight minute video on

Gary is also producing a much longer presentation about the beautiful Cairns Birdwing butterfly from Australia.  It will be ready soon.

Blessings to you from Ray and Delphine Archer and the rest of the wonderful volunteers.

Please also visit the butterfly house website at

Ray Archer

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