Are You or Your Friends Hurting or Unfulfilled in Life?

I Have Two Little Cards I Often Hand to People I Meet

You may have received one of these yourself.

At the top of the first card are the words, “Are you or your friends hurting in life? These short free messages could be helpful for you.”

We all hurt in some way. Our hurts can be physical, spiritual or mental. We often keep our hurts to ourselves because if we tell others, they might think we’re just having a ‘pity party’, and they may avoid us. Also, people are often so caught up in their own troubles that they don’t want to stop and listen to anyone else’s.

If for some reason you are not as happy or fulfilled as you would like to be, or if you have a friend who needs some help, you may like to accept one of these cards.

Below is an enlarged copy of the first card.

As you read it, you may see a topic you’d like to check on for yourself or a friend. Simply click on that topic to go straight to the full audio, video or printed message that it refers to.

The second card is pictured here and the message on it is self explanatory.

A printed card that reads "In your search for fulfilment in life, have you seriously tried Jesus yet? Inside every searching human being, there is a vacuum that only Jesus can fill."

Delphine and I met each other, and just six months later we got married at the ripe old age of nineteen.

Our marriage wasn’t very good in many ways.
We had problems, and to try to find some fulfilment in life we played with the occult, alcohol, and other things.

Nothing helped and we finally decided to try Jesus. It was the best choice we ever made.

We have now been together for over 54 years and we’ve decided it will be for life.


These messages will all be helpful to you as you search for fulfilment in life. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to check out any of those messages at the moment, then I invite you to click on what I believe is the MOST IMPORTANT one, “RECEIVING THE FREE GIFT OF ETERNAL LIFE”.

I believe that when you seriously try Jesus now, real fulfilment and happiness will become yours. I am praying that your search for fulfilment and happiness in life will become wonderfully complete very soon.

I pray that what you listen to will be a blessing to you and your family and friends.
Blessings from

Ray Archer

Would you like to receive some of these cards to distribute to your friends or other people in your community? Please contact me here or send a message to my Facebook page. Thank you for being a blessing to other people.

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