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I look forward to your comments, experiences and ideas about how to keep the Sabbath holy etc.

Please help me build this site by forwarding any relevant comments, God-given advice, or articles that will help the visitors to this site to grow in their relationship with Jesus and our wonderful heavenly Father.

If you write to me with comments or questions or ideas for this website, then I will understand you are happy for me to include your comments on the website if I choose to do so. If you feel your comments are of personal nature, then please mark them "CONFIDENTIAL- NOT FOR PUBLICATION", and I will respect your wishes.

Irrelevant Information

Emails stating that the Saturday Sabbath is irrelevant, or done away with in the Bible, will probably not be answered or included on this website for the following reasons:

From the documented information presented on this website, Protestant churches, the Catholic church, and even the atheists, are very clear that the Biblical Saturday Sabbath should still be kept by Christians today.

Because of the large amount of evidence that is included on this website, there may be no point in responding to those who want to insist that the Ten Commandments of God have been done away with.

Thank you very much for your kind input.

I pray that God will richly bless you on your journey to His Kingdom,

Ray Archer

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