Provoking Thought

This Gems page contains a number of thought-provoking snippets.

I pray that they will be an encouragement to you on your journey through life.

If any of them are a blessing to you, then please feel free to pass them on to your friends.

If you have a favourite, short, challenging thought that has been a blessing to you, then please let me know.  I may be able to include it in this ‘Gems’ section.

If you wish to use any of the downloadable or linked material on this site to help others to improve their lives physically, mentally or spiritually, then feel free to do so with my blessing.

Thank you for your interest and help.



12 Fundamentals for a Successful Life

Ray Archer has walked the paths of life for many years. He is an entrepreneur, business builder and family man. He has a keen interest in health that comes from diet, physical exercise and attitude.

Ray believes that if you are unhappy with the results you are getting in life, business and relationships, then you can, and must, change. Learn some simple, proven principles to apply to life from Ray and his wife, Delphine.

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